Music Off The Grid

A campfire jam session, a private soundcheck, a living room pickin’ party, the green room warm up, backstage shenanigans. . .  These are all Music Of the Grid moments. 

Having a life-long friend in the music business has exposed us to many concerts, festivals, and talented musicians over the years.  While experiencing a show from prime seats is awesome, the memories that really stand out are the ones where we are with a small group of people and musicians in an intimate setting.  After heading home from one of these events, it came to us. . .  

This is the kind of stuff most people never get to see - our music gods being normal people, off the stage, hanging out and jamming on their own terms for the love of music.  How can we share our experiences?  Don’t other fans and musicians have similar recorded experiences?  Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place to go to and see this type of footage?  That is how Music off the Grid was born. . .

MUSIC OFF THE GRID is a place for fans and musicians to share their unique collaborations, songs and settings promoting Bluegrass, Americana and Acoustic music…

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Music off the grid is a collection of unique collaborations, songs and settings. View all our videos on our YouTube channel. Be sure to "Subscribe" to receive updates.

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Do you have a high quality video of an impromptu backstage, campground or living room jam involving a touring/recording musician(s)? Please submit your videos for consideration.

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